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Cath Kidston today featured on The Women’s Project

Posted in branding, Destinations, Press, TWP by thejesspage on November 10, 2014

I took my first trip to Europe this year. They say you get a travel bug when you start to travel and since I really never had the bug I didn’t get what “they” meant. I arrived in London and the rest is history. I got the bug. There just was not enough time. I absolutely loved London! I look forward to more destination stories, more culture and more fabulous photography.

But travel aside and hopefully more on that later, I took time away from being a tourist and did a contributing post for the lovely Lauri Levenfeld of The Women’s ProjectCath Kidston is a fashion designer and business entrepreneur with a brand she has built from the ground up. When you walk into any of her locations (and I photographed her Notting Hill outlet), her style oozes throughout.

Today I am so proud to be featured today on The Women’s Project.


Destination: London, Banksy

Posted in Destinations, London by thejesspage on October 22, 2014

London is not complete without Banksy. …  His art literally plastered around this fabulous and iconic city, formerly thought to be vandalism and now praised for by millions, as art. Some of his art is known to be dark, some political. But he won my heart over (and millions more) with his world famous “London Banksy Girl and Balloon” art. Oh I wish I had found that one in Tottenham or on the Southbank or Hackney or one of the places it has been spotted. Alas I did not, but I found these gems while I was discovering different neighborhoods racing through this urban and massive city, and with the help of a few Londoners.

London is a fabulous and stunning city! There are not enough pictures sometimes to share how beautiful a place can be. The art, the people, the place itself.  I feel so lucky and am so thrilled to have visited. I can’t wait to visit again. And for now, Banksy you rock!




_MG_1166-Edit_london_bank02 _MG_1167_london_bank03






IMG_0418 2

Destination: London

Posted in Destinations, London by thejesspage on October 20, 2014

Aviv, such a pleasure to meet you, great day at Portabello Market, London. Notting Hill was every bit as quaint and colorful as you would expect. The streets are narrow, the buildings are cozied up to one another each one full of character and charm. It’s full of history and wear but still bright with color. Really beautiful. Thank you London for a great first visit, hope to be back soon!

photo (15)






_MG_0047_color_aviv03 _MG_0052_aviv04 _MG_0053_uk_aviv05



_MG_0062_nottinghill01 _MG_0066_nottinghill02


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