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Destination: London

Posted in Destinations, London by thejesspage on October 20, 2014

Aviv, such a pleasure to meet you, great day at Portabello Market, London. Notting Hill was every bit as quaint and colorful as you would expect. The streets are narrow, the buildings are cozied up to one another each one full of character and charm. It’s full of history and wear but still bright with color. Really beautiful. Thank you London for a great first visit, hope to be back soon!

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_MG_0062_nottinghill01 _MG_0066_nottinghill02

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust” – Peter Pan

Posted in Couples, Destinations by thejesspage on October 18, 2014

You can not meet this couple and not think Peter Pan.  Wendy fits the bill and well, Jon is her other half, I swear I thought I heard him singing “You can fly, you can fly you can fly!” I loved meeting you and spending the day with you. And as Peter Pan said, “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”  I wish you the very best, all my love, jess







Oh the socks Jon!



Smiles for miles …

Posted in Amazing San Francisco, Babies, California, Families and Kids by thejesspage on October 16, 2014

Thanks for an awesome day with your family!





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_MG_9143_david_07 _MG_9182-Edit_david_13




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